Preventative Measures

The most important aspect to real self-defense is the preventative measures that can be taken to avoid an attack in the first place. Although there are numerous preventative measures that will be discussed in the Seminars/Workshops it is important to strike a balance between implementing strong safety measures and not becoming fearful or paranoid.

  • Although we believe in erring on the side of caution it is also important to strike a balance being so overly safety conscious that you are setting your agents up to fail. Not all real estate companies run their operations the same and therefore not all Company Safety Programs should be cookie cutter either. There is a growing number of small brokerages which have 1-5 employees, many of which everyone works from home, rather than an office. Adaptations must be made to meet the needs of our ever changing industry. Some of the areas of prevention we will focus on in detail in our seminars are:
  • Marketing safety guidelines
  • Where you should meet your prospects for the first-time
  • Collecting prospect data: driver’s license, license plate, picture
  • Safety precautions agents should practice when actually showing homes
  • Formulating an exit strategy – checking for escape routes
  • Use of every day house-hold items that could be used as effective weapons
  • Developing a company safety distress code
  • Carrying a non-threatening item that can be used for self-defense purposes
  • Communication between company and agents
  • Open house safety protocol
  • Portraying confidence and maintaining eye contact when communicating
  • Realtor safety apps for your cell phone
  • Safety tips for builders onsite sales representatives (when applicable)

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