Our Mission


Real Estate Professionals are in a very unique profession requiring them to work with people they may know next to nothing about. Many put themselves in dangerous situations, almost daily, without even realizing it. These dangers are not a new phenomenon. Numerous heinous acts like murder, rape, and physical assault as well as robberies happen each and every year to Real Estate Professionals and this has been going on for decades. Although we are reminded about the dangers of the job when a high profile or extremely heinous act occurs, there are also many violent crimes to victims (that are fortunate enough to survive) that go unreported. These victims may be new in the profession and feel as though they did something wrong and are somehow to blame. There is no 100% guarantee that you will not be a victim of a violent crime no matter how careful you are or what self-defense systems you use. The good news is you can drastically change the odds of something happening to you by adhering to some preventative measures, becoming more aware of the situations you put yourself into and gaining some realistic hands-on training which can incapacitate an attacker.

Our primary goal is not to help the authorities find your car or you after an attack, but rather to prevent the attack from ever occurring. In the event an attack does occur, our goal is to increase your chances and confidence of coming out victorious. We want to enable you to conduct your job in a confident, safe and professional manner, as well as allowing you to not live in fear.

We believe in erring on the side of caution, however, we also believe in balancing your personal safety concerns and your business operations without binding you to excessive safety precautions and affecting bottom-line profitability.

Just look on the internet and you will find all sorts of “safety guidelines,” some implemented by major companies or endorsed by major organizations that just aren’t realistic for today’s fast-paced professional agents. Let’s not overreact, we were not designed to live in fear, but let’s be proactive about taking responsibility for our personal safety.


1) Never show any home from sun down to sun up. Although this is certainly great safety advice, it can definitely limit your success. A good share of your clients can only see homes in the evening or weekends. If you are in a seller’s market, the house your client wants to see tonight very likely won’t be around for another 2 days, let alone until the weekend. If you aren’t willing to show them homes, they can easily find someone who will. During certain times of the year it will be dark by the time your clients get out of work. Our safety needs must be balanced with our need to provide for our families while making sure we remain relevant and professional. It isn’t fair to your client that wants to see a home on Monday evening to tell them you have no availability until Saturday. This is a time when real estate agents must do their due diligence and adhere to many of the preventative measures we cover in our seminars as well as taking a partner with they are going to show people homes in which they are not 100% confident.

2) If you are having an open house, have someone call you every hour, and be prepared to give them your distress signal each time so they know if you are in danger and if so, to what degree. First of all, a lot can happen in an hour. Even if they call you at the exact moment of your greatest need and you are able to give them the code, by the time they call 911 and someone responds or they drive over to where you are, it will most likely be too late. What happens if no one answers, are they going to call 911 right away? Why not do something more practical and never do an open house alone. Do them with another Realtor from your office, or better yet develop stronger relationships with mortgage lenders, by doing open houses with them, so there is a minimum of two people at every open house. If you would still like someone to stay in touch with you, that is great, but the likelihood of someone attacking you with a second person there will be greatly diminished.

3) Always go with a partner to listing appointments or whenever you meet or show someone for the first time. Again this is great safety advice, but may not be very practical advice for Realtors that are already balancing their personal and business lives to make ends meet. This is doubling the hours Realtors are putting into these situations. Do your best to meet with prospective clients at your office or at a crowded public facility. Certainly if you have reservations about someone you are meeting, whether it is the first time or not, it is obviously a good idea to have a second person with you, or maybe you should reconsider whether it is wise to work with that person.

These are just three examples of companies trying to be proactive, which is a good thing. Companies must, however, not let their policies and procedures hinder their agent’s chance of being successful! Policies and procedures must err on the side of caution, but they must be realistic as well!

Although this site is primarily dedicated to Real Estate Professionals; all concepts and principles are relevant to almost any self-defense situation! Therefore classes are open to anyone wanting to learn more about self-defense and personal safety!

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