Martial Artist & Realtor



Martial Arts (over 45 years) – 8th Dan – Certified by the Okinawan Shuri-Te Karate Association.
One of only a select few of Americans ever awarded an 8th degree black belt from an Association with its headquarters in Okinawa.

Realtor – North Texas.

• Husband and father to 4 married children and proud grandfather of 11.

Mr. Mueller (Bill) has over 45 years of martial arts experience. After several years of Judo and Karate training, 3 months out of high school, in the Fall of 1974, Bill left for his first trip to Okinawa. Without the benefit of knowing Japanese, or his future instructor knowing he was coming, he showed up at the door step, by taxi, of Nakamura, Ankichi.

Since that time Bill has trained in Traditional Okinawan Karate used by Okinawan Samurai to defend their King and Families (much different than sport karate!). He has made numerous trips back to Okinawa and Mr. Nakamura has been invited to the United States to teach on numerous occasions. In order to communicate more freely to learn the finer points, Bill studied Japanese at the University of Minnesota and Middlebury College in Vermont.

Why the Emphasis to Help Realtors? We have all heard of the senseless acts of violence that have happened to Realtors. These incidents are happening at a much more alarming rate than most people are aware. Self-defense is a passion of mine. After working as a Realtor, the potential dangers have become very apparent and are obvious enough to me that I would be concerned for my own family members if they wished to be a Realtor and weren’t trained properly. When you have been involved in Self-Defense Arts for the majority of your life, you naturally become aware of situations that are potential threats that many people wouldn’t even consider.

Prevention is the most important aspect to ALL self-defense and it will be stressed more than any other aspect in your training. However, prevention and being cautious of your environment: Where you go, the time of day you go, who you have notified of where you are going, what you know about the people you are going with are simply not enough! Let’s face it, if knowing your prospect was enough, date rape or violent attacks by individuals the victims have known wouldn’t be as prevalent as it is today. One also needs to have and exude confidence and the knowledge that should an unexpected attack happen, they have enough skills and knowledge, that they will not be a helpless victim.

Self-Defense does not assure anyone of a good outcome but it sure does increase the odds! Obviously the more someone trains, the better equipped they are to handle unexpected situations, right? Most likely, but not necessarily so! One can continue to train the wrong things and simply ingrain bad habits. To excel at most any physical activities it requires proper technique. Why is it that some golfers are better after 6 months than some that have played for 30 years? Because they learned correctly and with good form. For self-defense purposes, one must train with the proper focus and balance. It is imperative that Realtors are taught to attack vital areas that leave the strongest among us vulnerable (i.e., eyes, groin, throat, etc). Although there are unlimited techniques; the ones people with limited training use should never be complex; the simpler the technique the greater chance it will become reflexive.